Minor Requirements

Students majoring in other programs who wish to declare a minor in Natural Resources Science and Management must file a proposal (see below) with the NRSM program office. Master's students must complete a minimum of eight credits of NRSM-related coursework. Doctoral students must complete a minimum of twelve credits of NRSM-related coursework.

Because the NRSM program is multidisciplinary, we do not require specific courses for completion of the minor. Rather, the student should work in consultation with his or her major advisor(s) and with the NRSM faculty member who will serve on the student's examination committee as the representative of the program minor. (It is a Graduate School requirement that students declaring a minor have a representative of the minor program on the committee.) The proposed coursework will then be reviewed by NRSM's director of graduate studies, and must be approved before the student can submit the degree program for approval.

Students will declare their minor on the Graduate Degree Plan by listing 'Natural Resources Science and Management' in the Minor field, designating their minor coursework on the form, and having the NRSM Director of Graduate Studies, Mike Kilgore, sign the form.

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