NRSM Minor Requirements

Students majoring in other programs can declare a minor in the Natural Resources Science and Management graduate program. Master's students must complete a minimum of eight credits of NRSM-related coursework, and doctoral students must complete a minimum of twelve credits of NRSM-related coursework.

Minor Proposal

Students wishing to declare an NRSM minor must complete a FileMinor Proposal Form and have it approved by the NRSM Director of Graduate Studies. 

NRSM Faculty Representative

All NRSM minor students must have an NRSM faculty member represented on their final exam committee. This committee member can also help the student to identify appropriate coursework to complete for their minor program.

Degree Plan Approval

Students will declare their minor on the Graduate Degree Plan or the GPAS Degree Plan. They should select NRSM as their minor field and designate what courses comprise their minor coursework. The NRSM Director of Graduate Studies will then approve the degree plan. This is done after, and in addition to, the minor proposal form.