Thesis Defense and Final Oral Examinations

Please consult the Graduate School Catalog for specific information about the final oral examination.  The exam is scheduled with the Graduate School using the online scheduling tool after the following milestones have been completed:

  • degree program on file in the Graduate School
  • successful completion of the prelims, with both report forms on file in the Graduate School
  • thesis proposal form on file in the Graduate School
  • the thesis review committee has accepted the thesis for defense by turning in the Thesis Reviewers Report form
  • all coursework included on the degree program is completed (no incompletes or missing grades)
  • have completed or be registered for 24 thesis credits (NR 8888)

The final oral exam involves a public seminar presentation of the Ph.D. thesis.  Students should make sure that the program coordinator and the appropriate departmental personnel are aware of the seminar so that it can be advertised, preferably about two weeks before it takes place.  The Graduate School and the committee members must have at least one week of advance notice. 

The seminar is immediately followed by the formal final oral exam, which is closed to the public.