International Research in NRSM

See below for more information on NRSM students, faculty, and alumni doing international research in the natural resources field. If you know of researchers who should be included on this page, please contact with more information. 

International Researchers

Anne Christianson

Anne Christianson

Ph.D. graduate student, Natural Resources Science and Management working with Dr. Kristen Nelson.

Anne's primary research area is Economics, Policy, Management, and Society. 

International research conducted in Antarctica and Uganda.

Visit this webpage for more information.

Nfamara Dampha

Nfamara Dampha

Ph.D. graduate student, Natural Resources Science and Management working with Dr. Stephen Polasky.

A native of The Gambia, Nfamara’s research interests are centered on climate change adaptation, policy, and economics as well as disaster risk reduction in developing countries. 

Nfamara is currently a Graduate Research Assistant working the Natural Capital Project under the Institution on the Environment.

Visit our International Student Ambassadors page to learn more about Nfamara and our other international ambassadors. 


Michael Dockry

Research Forester, USDA Forest Service

Michael's research is focused on developing tools and methods to support forest and natural resource planning and management that incorporates multiple uses, goals, and perspectives from broad segments of society.

International research conducted in South American (mostly Bolivia).

Visit Michael Dockry's website for more information about his research and interests.

Karlyn Eckman

Karlyn Eckman

Retired, formerly Department of Forest Resources

PI on a GPS Alliance Global Spotlight grant in Mizoram, Northeast India.

This research program now involves faculty from several UMN departments. We signed an MOU to collaborate on research and academic areas. We recently signed an MOU with Kohima Science College in Nagaland, also in NE India. Our UMN team has sent several UMN grad student to Mizoram. We have also co-hosted three international conferences, and 4th planned for Jan 2019 in Nagaland. We have published two books on our research. 

Forrest Fleischman

Forrest Fleischman

Assistant Professor, Department of Forest Resources

Forrest's areas of interest include public participation in democratic decision-making, and 3rd world development.

International research conducted in India, Mexico, and Guatemala. 

Visit Forrest's website for more information about his ongoing research. 

Samantha Helle

Samantha Helle

M.S. graduate student, Natural Resources Science and Management [Wildlife Ecology and Management]. Her advisors are Kristen Nelson and J.L. Dave Smith.

Samantha’s research interests are gendered human-dimensions of human-tiger conflict and gender equity in natural resources management. She is also the co-founder of 501c3 non-profit Project Conservation.

International research conducted in Nepal.

Visit this webpage for Samantha's project overview.

Gunnar Kramer

Gunnar Kramer

Alumni, Natural Resources Science and Management graduate program.

Gunnar's primary research area was Wildlife Ecology and Management. 

International research conducted in Canada, Central America, and South America. 

Visit this webpage for more information on Gunnar's research.

Mike Johnson

Michael Johnson

M.S. graduate student, Natural Resources Science and Management working with Dr. Todd Arnold.

Michael's primary research area is Wildlife Ecology and Management. 

International research conducted in Manitoba, Canada.

Visit this webpage for Michael's project overview.

Dave Mech

Dave Mech

Senior Scientist, Biological Resources Division, U.S. Geological Survey

Dave Mech is collaborating with Dan MacNulty of Utah State University, Morgan Anderson of the Department of Environment, Nunavut, Canada, and Dean Cluff, Department of the Environment, Northwest Territories, Canada on a study of wolf pack spacing, movements, predation and genetics, on Ellesmere Island in northern Canada.

The work is based on GPS radio-collaring wolves during summer on the Fosheim Peninsula of Ellesmere and obtaining location data at least daily year around based on satellite transmission to websites.

Visit Dave's personal website for more information about his research, and/or download PDF iconthis publication based on the work described above. 

Collin Motschke photo of Collin Motschke

Growing up in central Minnesota, I spent much of time raising a ruckus in temperate hardwood forests.  Everything changed, however, while studying abroad in Guatemala during the spring of 2012.  I was astonished by the density, vibrancy, and diversity of the neotropical forests and the communities living within them.  I knew that, one day, I would return…

After graduating from St. John’s University (in Collegeville, Minnesota) with degrees in Environmental and Hispanic Studies, I was awarded a Fulbright English Teaching Assistantship to Santa Marta, Colombia.  There, I taught English and partnered with international NGOs on projects related to ecosystem conservation, watershed preservation, and food security. 

As a second-year Master’s student in NRSM and an advisee of Dr. Dean Current, I have been afforded the opportunity to participate in an ongoing research collaboration between the UMN and the Guatemalan Rainforest Alliance.  The project aims to empower forest communities in the Maya Biosphere Reserve and incentivize conservation through the development of profitable markets for forest products.  My research examines potential U.S. market pathways for a nutritious (and delicious!) neotropical tree seed called Ramón (Brosimum alicastrum).    

Lala Odock

Fredrick Lala Odock

Ph.D. graduate student, Natural Resources Science and Management working with Dr. Joseph Bump.

A native of Kenya, Fredrick Lala has over 15 years of experience in wildlife conservation and research. His main areas of research interest are wildlife ecology and bone taphonomy.

Currently, his research is centred on the impact of infrastructural development in Tsavo National Parks on the movement of wildlife, especially elephants. 

Visit our International Student Ambassadors page to learn more about Fredrick and our other international ambassadors. 

Jim PerryJim Perry

H.T. Morse Distinguished Professor of Water Quality and Environmental Management Undergraduate Coordinator, Department of Fisheries, Wildlife and Conservation Biology

Jim Perry has worked internationally for 50 years. His main areas of interest include: climate change adaptation, ecosystem management, watershed management, and decision making. His work is global, broadly applicable to watersheds as ecosystems, and more notably to protected areas including and all natural World Heritage sites.

Visit this webpage for more information regarding two of Jim Perry's more recent international research projects. 

Ingrid Schneider

Ingrid Schneider 

Professor, Department of Forest Resources

Ingrid's research is focused mainly in the areas of parks, recreation, and tourism management. 

International research conducted in Germany, Austria, and Italy.

Visit this webpage for a list of publications relevant to the above research.