Current NRSM Students

Name Photo Project Advisor
Benjamin Allen Joe Knight
Nadia Alsadi photo of Nadia Alsadi

Wetland Vegetation Harvesting for Phosphorus Remediation in Treatment Wetlands

Chris Lenhart, Joe Magner
Connor Anderson Joe Knight
Michael Bahe Gary Johnson, Joe Knight
Baishali Bakshi Baishali Bakshi

Natural Resources, Climate Change, and Human-Wildlife Conflicts: A Policy Approach to Solutions

Dr. Stephen Polasky
Megan Butler Dean Current
Michael Carson Howard Hoganson
Marissa Cent Todd Arnold
Pornchai Chaiyamart William C. Gartner
Ami Choi Ingrid Schneider
Anne Christianson christianson.jpg

Evaluating international climate change adaptation policies and programs for ecological and social benefits

Kristen Nelson
Nfamara Dampha Nfamara Dampha

Using economic and GIS tools to conduct a Cost-Benefit Analysis of the impact of sea level rise on Banjul, The Gambia (tentative pathway)

Stephen Polasky
Michelle Danielson Dean Current
Irene De Pellegrin Llorente Marcella Windmuller-Campione, Howard Hoganson
Jeffrey Disbrow Joe Knight
Linnea Eiben photo of Linnea Eiben

My master's project is designing signage for a nature play area atMinnesota Valley National Wildlife Refuge. I am interested in informal education, specifically environmental interpretation as a means of
promoting stewardship through fun, experiential learning.

Stephan Carlson
Brittany Faust Joe Magner
Lucia Fitts Vargas Lucia Fitts Matthew Russell
Kaitlyn Flick Rebecca Montgomery
Tyler Gifford photo of Tyler Gifford John Zobel