Current NRSM Students

Name Photo Project Advisor
Anna Hawkinson Annie

Avian response to seasonal burning of brushland habitat

Rebecca Montgomery
A. Grace Haynes

Host preferences of Velvet Longhorned Beetle, or Trichoferus campestris, an invasive longhorned beetle from eastern Russia and Asia

Brian Aukema
Michelle Heyn (Linhoff) Michelle Linhoff

At the intersection of business and science, Michelle's interdisciplinary research focuses on environmental performance, corporate social responsibility (CSR) reputation, reporting and Inter-organizational Relationships (IORs). Michelle studies large cap organizations over time in an effort to leverage learning's for practitioners,  public-private partnerships, and the co-creation of sustainability strategy. Her advising team includes Steve Polasky, Alfie Marcus, Ingrid Schneider & Jason Hill. 

Dr Stephen Polasky
Nina Hill David Andersen
Panmei Jiang Grant Domke
Calli Johnson Cloutier

Evaluating the impact volunteers have on communities' capacities to manage their urban forests 

Gary Johnson
Thomas Kenote

Indigenous Forestry, Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK), Tribal resources management, Indigenous perspectives on water

Mae Davenport, Mike Dockry
Hannah Jo King Mae Davenport
Peter Levin Dean Current
Mathew Lochner Marcella Windmuller-Campione, Robert Slesak
J. William Lund photo of Will Lund

Sediment transport in fluvial systems

Diana Karwan
Zachary McEachran Diana Karwan
Leslie McInenly David Fulton
William Mekeel Joe Knight
Dacia Meneguzzo Marvin E. Bauer, Joseph F. Knight
Amanda Meyer Kristen Nelson
Jamie Mosel Jamie Mosel

Adaptive Silviculture for Climate Change project

Matthew Russell, Rebecca Montgomery
Lane Moser Marcella Windmuller-Campione, Eli Sagor
Collin Motschke Dean Current
Jacob Muller Linda Nagel