Current NRSM Students

Name Photo Project Advisor
Nicholas Neylon Gary Johnson
Joseph Nowak Mae Davenport
Fredrick Odock Joseph Bump
Clayton Olson photo of Clay Olson

I'm currently working on a project that explores the administrative tools used by state agencies to ensure their respective forestry best management practices (BMPs) are applied. Specifically, looking at the differences that exist between BMP categories as well as across ownerships.

Charles Blinn, Michael Kilgore
James Ostlie Gary Johnson
Ethan Pawlowski Diana Karwan
Florencia Pech Cardenas Florencia Pech Cardenas Mike Dockry, Kristen Nelson
Jaren Peplinski Mae Davenport
Hilary Pierce Joe Magner
Ashley Reichard Reichard

Motivations that impact urban and community forestry volunteer retention: Indicators for volunteer stewardship programs

Gary Johnson
Lloyd Rivera Tim Smith
Danielle Sackett Joe Knight
Marissa Schmitz

Currently I am studying how transitions in the technology and business organization of timber harvest is affecting the logger workforce, as well as how market-related supply chain pressures constrain and enable forest management options. 

Forrest Fleischman
Martha Sebald Martha Sebald Mike Kilgore
Terrence Serres

The resilience of boreal pine forests in a wilderness ecosystem after the compound natural disturbance of wind followed by fire, in a context of ongoing human-mediated influences

Lee E. Frelich, Peter B. Reich
Hailey Shanovich

Pest management in hybrid hazelnuts for Midwestern U.S. production

Brian Aukema
Raychel Skay Marcella Windmuller-Campione
Artur Stefanski Rebecca Montgomery, Peter Reich
Adrienne Strubb Forrest Fleschmann
Marissa Thalen Hobie Perry