Professional Development Workshops

Spring 2017 Schedule

The NRSM graduate program has created a professional development workshop series for our graduate students and postdocs. Spring 2017 will be our pilot semester, and we're hoping to continue offering these workshops on an ongoing basis in future semesters. Unless otherwise stated, all workshops are held in 19 Green Hall from 12:00-1:00pm.

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04/21/17 - Scientific Writing Workshop

04/21/17 - Scientific Writing Workshop

We will be discussing tips for writing scientific research articles, what reviewers are looking for, and how to provide feedback to first time undergraduate writers and colleagues.


Dr. Ingrid Scheider, Professor
Human Dimensions, Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management,
Dept. of Forest Resources

Dr. Peter Reich, Regents Professor, Distinguished McKnight University Professor
Ecology, tree physiology, ecophysiology, and silviculture
Dept. of Forest Resources

Dr. Kristen C. Nelson, Professor
Environmental Sociology,
Socio-ecological systems analysis, human behavior, governance
Dept. of Forest Resources & Dept. of Fisheries, Wildlife, and Conservation Biology

04/07/17 - Grant Writing Workshop

04/07/17 - Grant Writing Workshop

Guest speaker Laura Olevitch, CFANS Research Development Manager, discusses methods for researching and applying for grant funds through various organizations. 

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03/03/17 - Career Panel with NRSM Graduates

03/03/17 - Career Panel with NRSM Graduates

Grant M. Domke

Research Forester, Forest Service – Northern Research Station

Grant Domke is a Research Forester and Group Leader for Timber Products Output and Carbon Estimation and Accounting in the Forest Inventory and Analysis Program within the USDA Forest Service. Domke studies how carbon is cycled through forest ecosystems and harvested wood products in the U.S. using strategic-level forest inventory data and auxiliary information. He and his team are responsible for compiling estimates of greenhouse gas emissions and removals in forests each year as part of the U.S.’ commitment to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change – this work directly contributes to international negotiations for the U.S. on climate change. Domke is a lead author for Forests within the 2nd State of the Carbon Cycle Report for North America, a contributing author for Forests and Land Use and Land Cover Change in the latest National Climate Assessment for the U.S. (NCA4), and is a lead author for Forests in the latest refinement to the 2006 Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Guidelines for National Greenhouse Gas Inventories. Domke holds a B.S. in Forest Ecosystem Management and Biology from UW-Stevens Point, an M.S. in Applied Forest Ecology from the University of Toronto, and a Ph.D. in Quantitative Silviculture from the University of Minnesota.

Anna Dirkswager

Manager, Business Development and Programming, Clean Energy Economy Minnesota

Anna Dirkswager is the Business Development and Programming Manager with Clean Energy Economy Minnesota (CEEM), an industry-led nonprofit that supports clean energy innovation by connecting businesses and educating stakeholders to drive clean energy markets. In this role, Anna is responsible for overseeing the intersection of policy priorities and educational opportunities for the clean energy business community, developing programming that educates policy makers on the business case for clean energy and overseeing membership development. Prior to CEEM, Anna spent seven years with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources as the Biomass and Renewable Energy Coordinator where she focused on issues related to renewable energy policy, economic development, sustainable resource procurement and industry engagement. Prior to her work at the DNR, Anna worked as a Technical Aide at 3M on issues related to the commercialization of cellulosic ethanol. Anna has a Master’s degree in Natural Resource Science Management from the University of Minnesota and Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Biology from Saint Mary’s University. She currently lives in Andover with her husband and two young daughters.

Lou Cornicelli

Wildlife Research Manager, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

Lou Cornicelli has worked in Indiana as the deer research biologist (1992-1995), Utah (1996-2002) as a regional wildlife manager, and Minnesota (2002 – present) first as big game program leader and for the last 5 years, wildlife research manager. In his current capacity, he supervises 4 wildlife research groups (wetland, forest, farmland, wildlife health) and the biometrics unit. The unit delivers applied research that helps answer management questions to better manage Minnesota’s wildlife resources. Unit staff also respond to wildlife health needs and work on such things as moose mortality, avian influenza, and chronic wasting disease. His personal interests have revolved around ungulate ecology and disease on the biological side and human dimensions from the sociological perspective. He has an adjunct faculty appointment at the University and teaches FW3925, Human Dimensions of Fish and Wildlife Management, which is offered during the spring semester.