Paper Science and Engineering

The Paper Science and Engineering track is designed for graduate study specializing in areas such as: the chemistry and biotechnology of lignocellulosic materials; material science of paper and fiber products; paper recycling; energy and manufacturing efficiency in the pulp and paper making process; novel and environmentally friendly pulping and bleaching, transport processes through porous media, surface and colloid science of papermaking; chemical engineering applications in pulp and paper processes; and statistical process control.

Faculty in Paper Science and Engineering

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Sample Coursework

The NRSM program does not prescribe specific coursework to its students, beyond our orientation course (NR 8101) and a one-credit seminar (NR 8107). Each student, working with their advisor and exam committee, develops a program of coursework that meets the needs of their specific research project and, ultimately, their career goals. See below for a list of courses that are representative of coursework taken by students within this track. When developing a well-rounded degree plan, most students also consider coursework listed under other NRSM tracks (see other Area of Study webpages for examples of coursework within those tracks), or within other departments at the university. 

Course Typically Offered
AGRO 5121
Applied Experimental Design
Every Spring 4
APEC 5031
Methods of Economic Data Analysis
Every Fall 3
APEC 5032
Economic Data Analysis for Managerial and Policy Decisions
Every Spring 3
APEC 8211
Econometric Analysis I
Every Fall 4
APEC 8212
Econometric Analysis II
Every Spring 4
BBE 5001
Chemistry of Biomass and Biomass Conversion to Fuels and Products
Every Fall 4
BBE 5023
Process Control and Instrumentation
Every Fall 3
BBE 5301
Applied Surface and Colloid Science
Every Fall 3
BBE 5302
Biodegradation of Bioproducts
Every Spring 3
BBE 5303
Introduction to Bio-based Materials Science
Every Spring 3
BBE 5305
Pulp and Paper Technology
Every Spring 3
BBE 5401
Bioproducts Separation and Purification Processes
Every Fall 3
BBE 5402
Bio-based Products Engineering Lab I
Every Spring 1
BBE 5403
Bio-based Products Engineering Lab II
Every Fall 1
BBE 5404
Biopolymers and Biocomposites Engineering
Every Fall 3
BBE 5608
Environmental and Industrial Microbiology
Every Fall 3
BBE 5713
Biological Process Engineering
Every Spring 3
BBE 5733
Renewable Energy Technologies
Every Spring 3
BBE 8013
Parameter Estimation in Biosystems and Agricultural Engineering
Periodic Fall & Spring 3
CHEM 5210
Materials Characterization
Every Spring 4
CI 8149
Qualitative Research: Coding, Analysis, Interpretation, and Writing
Periodic Fall 3
DES 8103
Qualitative and Mixed Methods Research
Fall Odd Year 3
EPSY 5221
Principles of Educational and Psychological Measurement
Every Fall 3
EPSY 5244
Survey Design, Sampling, and Implementation
Every Fall 3
EPSY 5247
Qualitative Methods in Educational Psychology
Every Fall 3
EPSY 5261
Introductory Statistical Methods
Every Fall, Spring & Summer 3
EPSY 5262
Intermediate Statistical Methods
Every Fall & Spring 3
EPSY 8266
Statistical Analysis Using Structural Equation Methods
Periodic Spring 3
ESPM 5211
Survey, Measurement, and Modeling for Environmental Analysis
Every Spring 3
ESPM 5242
Methods for Environmental and Natural Resource Policy Analysis
Fall Even Year 3
ESPM 5603
Environmental Life Cycle Analysis
Every Fall 3
FNRM 5104
Forest Ecology
Every Fall 4
FNRM 5131
Geographical Information Systems (GIS) for Natural Resources
Every Fall 4
FNRM 8207
Economic Analysis of Natural Resource Projects
Every Fall, Spring & Summer 2
GIS 5555
Basic Spatial Analysis
Every Fall 3
ME 5228
Introduction to Finite Element Modeling, Analysis, and Design
Every Fall 4
NR 5021
Statistics for Agricultural and Natural Resource Professionals
Every Fall 3
OLPD 5061
Ethnographic Research Methods
Every Fall & Spring 3
OLPD 5528
Focus Group Interviewing Research Methods
Every Fall 1.0-3.0
PA 5002
Introduction to Policy Analysis
Every Fall & Spring 1.5
PA 5031
Empirical Analysis I
Every Fall 4
PA 5035
Survey Research and Data Collection
Every Spring 1.5
PA 5041
Qualitative Methods for Policy Analysts
Every Fall 4
PA 5920
Skills Workshop
Every Fall & Spring 0.5-4.0
POL 8126
Qualitative Methods
Fall Even, Spring Odd Year 3
PUBH 7250
Designing and Conducting Focus Group Interviews
Every Spring & Summer 1
PUBH 7407
Analysis of Categorical Data
Every Spring 3
SOC 5811
Social Statistics for Graduate Students
Every Fall 4
SOC 8801
Sociological Research Methods
Periodic Fall & Spring 4
SOC 8811
Advanced Social Statistics
Every Fall & Spring 4
STAT 5021
Statistical Analysis
Every Fall & Spring 4
STAT 5201
Sampling Methodology in Finite Populations
Every Spring 3
STAT 5302
Applied Regression Analysis
Every Fall, Spring & Summer 4
STAT 5303
Designing Experiments
Every Fall, Spring & Summer 4
STAT 5401
Applied Multivariate Methods
Periodic Fall 3
STAT 5421
Analysis of Categorical Data
Every Fall & Spring 3
STAT 5601
Nonparametric Methods
Every Fall & Spring 3
STAT 8051
Advanced Regression Techniques
Every Fall 3
STAT 8052
Applied Statistical Methods 2
Every Spring 3
STAT 8053
Applied Statistical Methods 3
Every Fall 3
STAT 8054
Statistical Methods 4
Every Spring 3