Graduate Students


Because the NRSM program is interdisciplinary, it includes courses from across the University. Please use the links below to see the faculty that are associated with each track.

Faculty in Assessment, Monitoring, and Geospatial Analysis
Addresses measurements and related technology applications and resource analysis.

Faculty in Economics, Policy, Management, and Society
Focuses on how society values and makes decisions about the use, management, and protection of natural and environmental resources.

Faculty in Forest Hydrology and Watershed Management
Brings together the integrally related areas of earth sciences, soils, and water resources management with an applied focus on wildlife ecosystems.

Faculty in Forest Products
Specialized study in wood and forest products in industry.

Faculty in Forests: Biology, Ecology, Conservation, and Management
Specialized study in forest biology, ecology, conservation and management issues, research focuses on forest and related ecosystems.

Faculty in Paper Science and Engineering
Specialized study in paper and fiber products.

Faculty in Recreation Resources, Tourism, and Environmental Education
Focuses on the use and management of natural resources for recreation and tourism.